the toy that helps kids teach themselves to sleep better at night

Playful Puppy Dream Team Pet

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Playful Puppy is destined to be a kid's loyal buddy during the day, and especially at bedtime.  Playful Puppy always wants to snuggle and play, but this cuddly and tough pup is always loyal to the little ones he protects.  You won't have to break out the dog biscuits to reward Playful Puppy for his hard work - a gold star on his Certificate of Training will always make his tail wag. 

Includes a professionally illustrated story book that can be read nightly to establish consistent bedtime routine.

Includes "Certificate of Training" and stickers to reward the Pet for a job well done.  The Certificate of Training is also a great way to monitor your child's progress and keep them on track in their sleep training.

Includes "Playful Puppy" character.

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